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Iraqi Army Deals a Death Blow to ISIL in Western Iraq

Iraqi security forces killed 32 ISIL terrorists Saturday in Anbar province, a senior Iraqi army officer said

At least 27 terrorists were killed in coalition airstrikes that targeted the group’s positions in al-Karma town, around 13 kilometers (9 miles) east of Fallujah, General Major Qasem al-Mohammadi, chief of the Iraqi army’s Anbar military operations, said.

The al-Karma operation has been underway for three days, but there is slow progress because of the presence of many roadside bombs, al-Mohammadi added.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces, backed by pro-government shi'ite militias, repelled an ISIL attack on a security checkpoint in al-Haouz area in central Ramadi city.

Security forces killed five ISIL terrorists in intense clashes and destroyed a vehicle, al-Mohammadi added, without mentioning the Iraqi side’s casualties.

Terrorist ISIL organization has been attempting to seize control of Ramadi, the capital city of Anbar province.

Clashes between Iraqi forces and ISIL have been ongoing since June 2014 when the terrorists seized Mosul and other territories in Iraq.

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