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National Missile System and Missile Shield

Hasan Bögün

National Defence Minister İsmet Yılmaz has responded to the question of CHP MP Aytun Çıray, declaring that Turkey will buy rockets from China. “The system will be integrated to the national systems without any integration to NATO for Turkish defense.” he stated.

The fact that Minister Yılmaz differentiates between national and foreign is the summary of the situation that Turkish Armed Forces have been for 65 years. Little pro-American governments has shaken the axis of Turkey since 1950s, presenting the US interests as if ours. The most pro-American government has come to the line of the patriotic youth who rise against NATO. This is not the continuation of the crooked Turkish axis, but to fix it.

How did the axis shift?

Defense is regulated in accordance with the internal and external threats. Turkey has regulated its in accordance with the imperialism-victimized nations since 1950s. The core of its defense was to be a powerful country with a defense on national sources. We needed peace at home, peace at world for this. It would also consider being powerful equal to having peace. The friendship with the Soviets was important and it was Atatürk’s will.

Pro-American governments shifted this axis of Turkey since 50s. The interests of the US replaced the threats to Turkey. Our friend the Soviets became our enemy and source of threats. Its effect in the country to consider some parts of the society as the enemy. The gains of the Republic and Enlightenment were wasted. Nation has been separated according to their ethnic and religious beliefs once more. Moderate Islam has brought to power as the instrument of the US.

Source of threat: the US

Turkey did not receive open threats from the Soviets even during the rocket crisis in 1963. On the contrary, Moscow’s discharging the American nuclear rockets based in the Black Sea did good to Turkey indirectly. As NATO consider Russia as the enemy today, Turkey is partners with Russia in Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. The project is considered to be a counter move by the US and Europe. Turkey has not been threatened by Iran, Iraq and Syria as the US claimed. On the contrary, the threat of PKK emerged in the south after the US invasion of Iraq. The US’ war to separate Syria makes this threat even heavier. Be careful; our cities on the Iran border are comparatively more stable than other southern cities in which the US instruments function. Yet, an American radar was founded in Kürecik for the Iranian threat.

Dead-End of Turkish Armed Forces

Yılmaz’s differentiation between national and foreign also shows a big problem tat the Turkish Armed Forces confronts. In the NATO Summit in 1999, all the airspaces of all ally countries were considered to be one. In Lisbon Summit of NATO in 2010, this situation was confirmed, according to which defense of all NATO airspace is linked to the American Missile Shield, including Israel’s. Abdullah Gül signed this agreement, which made Turkey a party of missile shield. Then, Kürecil radar was founded as a part of the US missile shield.

This means that Turkish airspace will be controlled by two systems. National defense system and the US missile shield. One is friend and the other is the enemy. National system can target the Israel planes that violate the Turkish airspace, the US can target the Iran and Russian planes.The US missile shield will be able to target the Turkish planes linked to the national control system as the enemy. Kürecik radar can work against us in our own land. The only way to get rid of this dead-end is to leave the missile shield and NATO since it will not leave Turkey. We know that Turkish Armed Forces are thinking about leaving NATO due to the embargo after the Cyprus Peace Operation. International circumstances are more convenient today.

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