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Patriotic Party Holds a Press Meeting Before Syria Visit

The Patriotic Party delegation conducting a three-day visit to Syria at the invitation of President Assad headed to Syrian capital Damascus after a press meeting in the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

"Hatay (province) was the border of peace. We all know what we got from there after the beginning of the export of terrorism. We are going to Syria for the security of energy sources and transportation routes," said Doğu Perinçek, the Chairman of the Patriotic Party in his speech in the press meeting.

We are going to Syria for peace

Perinçek said that the Patriotic Party delegation is going to Syria for contributing the regional peace and ending terrorism. Perinçek also said "Our delegation is consist of national personalities and businessmen. Our ultimate goal is to repair the relations between the two countries. We will talk the way of ending ethnic, sectarian and separatist terrorism. Syria's territorial integrity is Turkey's territorial integrity. Syria's attitude on standing against the imperialist aggression is one of the most important events of the recent times."

They will be embarrassed again

Perinçek also responded baseless criticism of President Erdogan regarding the Patriotic Party's Syria visit. Perinçek said, "Tayyip Erdoğan's speech is a great disaster. Everyone knows who the murderer is and who is cooperating with global terrorists. They will be embarrassed again. The cooperation of the regional countries will get the victory in both economic and political sense."

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