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Rakha Hassan: If Erdoğan Gives Up, We Will Make Peace with Turkey

Former Egyptian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rakha Hassan has talked to Aydınlık Newspaper about the recent relationship between Turkey and Egypt, Russian nuclear help and the situation in Yemen

 Sinan Güzeltepe / Cairo

*Erdoğan keeps critizing Ehyptian administration. As a response, Egypt has ended the RORO Treaty which used to give priority to Turkish ships in the Suez Canal. What do you think about the future of the relationship between Turkey and Egypt?

There is a historical relationship between Egyptian and Turkish people based on a mutual respect. Mutual economic interests of Cairo and Ankara are incarnational with investments. Despite the AKP’s negative politics over Egypt, tourism continues despite a bit drop. Muslim brotherhood adopted a path to separate the two country. Their objective was to bring back the darkness of Middle Age. We took the Brotherhood down with the help of the army, jurisdiction and people. The AKP has chosen to interfere with the internal affairs of Egypt with the argument of taking down a chosen government. This might be Erdoğan’s role in the Egypt plan of NATO.

*Is an agreement still possible if Erdoğan changes his Egypt politics?

If Erdoğan starts to act reasonably, putting his fantasies aside, why not then? Erdoğan is not the new caliph of the Islamic world. And he will never be. We have respect for the Presidency of the Turkish Republic, but is it right thing to support the terrorist that killed our people in Sina?

* Egyptian media has not found any evidence on that yet. Do you have any?

Supporting terrorists in Syria and Libya means supporting the terrorists in Egypt, as well. I do not have proof of that in Sina. But, it is known that Istanbul-based TV channels of Muslim Brotherhood called for attack against the Egyptian army all day.

We Offer Our Hand IF They Do”

Egypt is getting closer with Southern Cyprus and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. Is this a response to Turkey?

No. Southern Cyprus has an important role in our history. We received help from Southern Cyprus while we were fighting against the British invasion. We do not chose one country over another, but Turkey is so aggressive towards us, what do you expect us to do? Naturally, we seek for new allies. Russia, Cyprus and France. We bought planes from France, we will buy weapon from Russia and China. We offer our hand to those who do the same.

* After Putins’s visit to Cairo, it was reported that Egypt was getting afar from the West. Is Egypt getting afar from the US?

It is not possible for us to put the US aside in foreign politics. WE respect the US, but it is again natural for us to get closer with other countries if one country puts conditions that harm us. We agreed on nuclear energy with Russia.

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