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Russia is Uneasy About the Train-Equip Program

Russia has announced its uneasiness about the train-equip program of the US and Turkey

 Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry has commented on the program conducted by the US and Turkey in March, stating that: “As we emphasize the fact that the Surian crisis can only be resolved on political grounds, some continue to support those who accomplished their goals with force. This step which is defined as fighting against ISIS causes doubts for us. The real power of Syrian army is being ignored. It is also unknown against whom these trained and equipped forces will fight.”

The ministry emphasized the fact that Moscow continues its attempts to bring a solution to the Syrian crisis with politics. Some Russian sources who talked to Aydınlık newspaper claimed that the program causes distrust in Moscow against the US and Turkey due to the fact that the program was supposed to be conducted five months ago. Moscow reportedly expects Turkey to hit the brakes about the program soon.

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