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Sisi On the Way to Unite Arab Armies

Egyptian President Sisi claimed on TV that Arabic countries should come together to unite an army

 Sisi made a statement on national TV, saying that Arab world should build an army together against terrorism. Jordan and United Arab Emirates reportedly want to build a military force together. He also commented on the sound recording leaked recently.

There is such a thing called information war.The words we say are shifted.” he stated.

Sis claimed that We need to be careful against the disagreement among the brothers (Gulf countries and Egypt). The support of the Gulf Countries has been an important factor to get over the difficulties we faced as Egypt. So, we cannot do harm to them. How can we do that, considering the fact that we have not done it to those who harmed us?”

He concluded that Gulf Countries are aware of the fact that they are trying to push some disagreements among them.

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