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Syria Claimed a Cause of War Due to Turkey's Crossborder Operation

Syrian National Reconciliation Minister Ali Haydar has commented on Turkish Army's operation to transfer the Tomb of Suleyman Shah in a different area and said "this is clearly the violation of Syrian independence."

 In a statement, Haydar claimed that Syria would answer Turkey not directly, but strategically. “The operation of Turkey in Syria has proved its real face with its hostile objectives in Syria.” he stated.

Haydar regarded the operation as an attack, giving a cause of war to Syria. “When the civil war and crisis emerged in Syria, Turkey supported terrorists and rebels, by providing equipment to them. Turkey used its soils to attack Syria. Today, we see ISIS as a threat to the world” he stated.

He went on to say: “Although YPG is a national body of Syria, it cannot decide something like that. Only the government can decide about that.”

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