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The Aim is to Have a Kurdish Corridor from Mosul

It is claimed that the aim of the Mosul operation is to open a Kurdish Corridor from Mosul to the eastern Mediterranean.

Mamet Kasaplıoğlu, the head of the Ankara branch of Iraqi Turks Culture and Benefit Society has stated that Mosul will go under the control of peshmergas after the operation. The operation will be conducted in order to open a Kurdish corridor from Mosul to the eastern Mediterranean through Ayn Al-Arab and Lazkiye, Kasaplığlu claimed. 
He went on to claim that the areas ISIS invaded belong to Turkmen in Iraq. “Shia Turkmen fled to south after the ISIS invasion of Mosul. About 10.000 Sunni Turkmen immigrated to Ankara from Telafer. They fled because they were afraid of the arbitrary bombings of the US planes.” he stated. 
“The aim of the operation is to remove Turkmen, open a Kurdish corridor for peshmergas and establish a Sunni federal structure. Gerbil is a Turkman city. What has happened now? A Kurdish city, under the control of peshmergas. Kurds and Sunnis will take over the control of Mosul. ISIS will feel easy, thinking that Mosul will be Kurds’ and Sunnis’. Kurds and Sunni Arabs can be understood. They take same decisions every once in a while. They agreed on the status of Mosul. They want to flee to Ayn Al-Arab from Mosul. Otherwise, everything Barzani has done would be for nothing. How will they reach to Mediterranean? From Mosul, Ayn Al-Arab and Lazkiye. They have always chosen Turkman areas for this. This is why we have disarmed for years. We disarmed and have been alienated. They prepared us for today.” 
He also claimed that Mosul’s invasion by ISIS was already known by some. “Nuceyfi runs the Mosul forces. Mosul Forces Command was informed about the invasion a week before ISIS stepped in. […] Mosul was handed over to ISIS with a special organization.”

  • Lasse Riise

    Let's get real. Almost 3 million Arabs live in the city of Mosul. Which is similar to almost half of the population in KRG. It's a completely dilutional folly to imagine the Arabs of Mosul ever submitting to Kurdish rule, just like the Turkmens of Telafer, which also most likely will prefer to remain a part of Iraq.

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