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The US Protects the Schools of Gülenist Network in Iraq

The US Ambassador of Iraq Zalmay Halilzat asked Barzani administration for the shaddy Gülenist schools to keep functioning

The US objected the closure of Gülen Gang schools in Iraq. The US Ambassador assigned after the invasion of Iraq, Zalmay Halilzat, ordered for the schools to continue education. As most schools belonging to the organization are having hard days, the US protection in Iraq came as a surprise. Turkish President Erdoğan had discussed the matter with Bargain government, asking for their closure. However, Halilzat turned down Erdoğan’s demand.

So, the schools reportedly continue to provide education in Iraq and some businessmen from Turkish province Gaziantep donate dollars every month. The flow of money reportedly continues.

Erdoğan has recently asked Bargain to give the control of the schools to Turkish NGO TÜRGEV. Barzani administration promised to evaluate his proposal.

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