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Train-Equip Statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry

Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry declared that the agreement to train Free Syrian Army would be signed with the US soon

Spokesman of Foreign Affairs Ministry, Tanju Biliç, has declared that the negotiations with the US concerning the program of train-equip of Syrian opposition has ended. “An agreement will be signed to train Free Syrian Army.” he stated. Bilge also added that the details of the program will be shared with the public soon. The program is expected to be launched in March.

He claimed that the US has serious doubts on establishing a military base in Erbil to fight against ISIS.

Turkey is also helping peshmerga against ISIS apart from the US. “We provided peshmerga with some military equipment. This would be the second part. These are not war equipment, though. They are merely binoculars, camouflage, tents and so on.” Bilge stated.  

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