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Turkey issues travel warning to US amid Trump protests

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has issued a travel warning for the United States on Saturday amid ongoing anti-Trump protests

In a statement, the ministry called on Turkish nationals to be cautious with regards to the protests against Donald Trump's victory in the U.S: presidential election.

Anti-Trump demonstrations have taken root in at least a dozen cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Seattle in the past few days.

The statement said that protests were ongoing especially in Portland, Oregon, adding that protesters and riot police were clashing occasionally and some had already been arrested. 

“The protest in this city [Portland] has been identified as a riot by the security forces,” the statement said, adding one person was injured during the protests Saturday.

“It has been understood from protesters' social media accounts that the protests would continue for a while,” the statement added. 

The ministry advised Turkish citizens to be calm with regards to possible “xenophobia and racist abuses”, and to contact local security forces in case of such incidents.  

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