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Turkey Takes Part in US Led Mosul Operation Against ISIL

Turkey will reportedly take part in the Mosul operation under the leadership of the US


After the train-equip program was signed with the US and the moving of the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, now it is time for the Mosul operation against ISIS. Turkish authorities have been convinced into the operation recently and the US will lead the operation soon. Barzani and PKK are expected to take advantage the most from this operation.

The AKP’s decision to attend the operation is commented by the critics as a kind of a show-off now that the general elections are approaching in Turkey. Turkish Armed Forces are supposed to take direct action in the operation, as the head of Turkish General Staff Necdet Özel has confirmed recently that they have been negotiating for a time.

Deputy President of the Patriotic Party İsmail Hakkı Pekkin has commented on the issue, saying: “We think that there will be no crucial developments in Syria until the elections in 2016. However, Obama wants to take a result in Iraq before leaving. Peshmergas, PKK and Iraqi army will be used during the Mosul operation. There will also be around 3000 special forces sent by the US. But, it does not look possible for Turkish Armed Forces to attack on ground. Maybe, air forces will attend. Logistic support will be given to the US in İncirlik, Batman and Diyarbakır.” Pekin emphasized the fact that Bargain and PKK will make the most of this operation.

Deputy Prime Minister Arınç has declared that an intensive operation will be conducted against the terrorist organizations. He claimed that the part that Turkey will play in this operation is still being negotiated.

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