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Turkish Patriotic Party Meets with President Assad in Syria

A delegation from the newly established Patriotic Party headed by Chairman Doğu Perinçek will meet with Syrian President Bashar Assad in Syrian capital Damascus

Former Deputy Minister Abdüllatif Şener, opposition MPs Birgül Ayman Güler, Süheyl Batum and also former minister Barlas Doğu will take part in the thirteen person delegation headed to Syria on February 28th.

The Patriotic Party delegation conducting a three-day visit to Damascus upon the invitation of President Assad will also have meetings with Syrian government officials regarding the improving relations between the two countries.

Hostility against Syria is hostility against Turkey

Turkish delegation and Syrian officials will try to find constructive solutions for the questions such as developing economic cooperation and solidarity between the two countries and ceasing ethnic and religious conflicts and terrorism in the region.

The Chairman of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek said the following in his speech regarding the Syria visit:

"Tayyip Erdogan and his accomplices set fire in the neighbor’s house and now the flames are coming closer to our house. Syria's trouble is Turkey's trouble. Hostility against Syria is Hostility against Turkey. Syria's territorial integrity is Turkey's territorial integrity. Peace in Syria means peace in Turkey. We will end ethnic and religion based terrorism in our region in cooperation with Syria, Iraq and Iran. We will stand in homage at the Tomb of Suleyman Shah with our friend, the Syrian President Bashar Assad after the establishment of the National Government."

The Patriotic Party is heading to Damascus on 28th Feb

The Patriotic Party's Syria visit will be conducted in February 28th - March 3rd 2015. The delegation will also conduct a press meeting in the Ataturk Airport on February 28th at 07:00 pm before their flight to Syria. Delegation going to Damascus consists of the following prominent figures of the Patriotic Party and Turkish political circles:

  • Doğu Perinçek, the Chairman of the Patriotic Party

  • Süheyl Batum, the CHP MP for Eskişehir

  • Birgül Ayman Güler, Independent MP for İzmir

  • Retired General İsmail Hakkı Pekin, Deputy Chairman of the Patriotic Party

  • Barlas Doğu, Former National Defense Minister and Chief Advisor of the Chairman of the Patriotic Party

  • Şule Perinçek, Deputy Chairman of the Patriotic Party

  • Yunus Soner, Deputy Chairman of the Patriotic Party

  • Prof. Dr. Ümit Akkoyunlu, President of the Turkmen Parliament

  • Abdüllatif Şener, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey

  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yuva, General Coordinator of the Turkey-Syria Friendship Committee

  • Abdülkadir Yıldız, leader of Dekorya tribe in Mardin province of Turkey

  • Vice President of Adana Chamber of Commerce Fırat Karalı

  • Businessman Ali Riza Tekin

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