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Turks in Europe Gets Ready to Shout: Armenian Genocide is an Imperialist Lie!

Thousands of Turkish immigrants are expected to rally in Berlin on Saturday to protest against allegations that claim an Armenian "genocide" was committed in 1915.

Thousands of Turkish immigrants are expected to rally in Berlin on Saturday to protest against allegations that claim an Armenian "genocide" was committed in 1915.

Turkish Community in Berlin (TGB), announced on Tuesday that 10,000 people are expected to join the rally in the German capital Berlin, a day after the German government described the forced relocation of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire as an example "for the mass killings, forced deportations and genocides of the 20th century".

The TGB and 14 other NGOs expressed that claims of genocide were not supported by historical facts.

They stressed that not only Armenians, but hundreds of thousands of Ottoman citizens from different ethnic and religious background suffered during World War I.

Forced relocation

The German government announced on Monday it would support a draft parliamentary motion describing the forced relocation of Armenians as a "genocide of the 20th century."

The move marked the first time that the German government had used the word "genocide" when referring to the forced relocation of Armenians in 1915.

After growing support for the draft motion by lawmakers, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative-left coalition agreed to a compromise wording on the motion, to mark the100th anniversary of the incidents.

The motion states “the destiny of Armenians during the First World War constitutes an example for the history of mass destructions, ethnic cleansings, forced deportations and genocides in the 20th century."

The move came after the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Wednesday labeling the 1915 events as "genocide", three days after Pope Francis also did the same, drawing sharp criticism from the Turkish government.


  • Pyjamas Pyjamas

  • Kevork Unutmaz

    Akliselim herkeze sorum su: Yuz sene sonar hala yakici acisi dindirilememis baska bir olay var mi acaba insanlik tarihinde ...Ve boyle bir ahmakca inkar mevcut mu?

  • Jakko

    Hilarious, only the Turks can be so hypocritical in their nature that they would blame the minority that they themselves slaughtered during their imperialist prime of the Ottoman empire.

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