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We, as a nation, will prevent the Mosul scheme of the US

"The Mosul scheme of the US and the cooperation of AKP-PKK came all at once. The Patriotic Party announced that the cooperation would mean to establish an separatist constitution. The Mosul scheme of the US is unquestionably the outer side of the plan to destroy the republic," says Chairman of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek.

Doğu Perinçek

The Mosul scheme of the US and the cooperation of AKP-PKK came all at once. The Patriotic Party announced that the cooperation would mean to establish an separatist constitution. You will read it on Aydınlık Newspaper today. 


The Mosul scheme of the US is unquestionably the outer side of the plan to destroy the republic. 


Plan of Mosul Operation


A Mosul operation is being planned in April/May. 

The planner: the USA. 

The operation will be done under the color of removing the ISIS. 

According to the plan, the forces to take part are: 20.000 Iraqi soldiers, 3000-5000 US soldiers, peshmergas of Barzanistan and PKK. 

Turkish Armed Forces are asked to attend on air and for the bases, as well. Some even say that the US wants the Turkish forces to attend the operation within some limits. 

The train-equip program with the US is in the service of this plan. 

The untold aim is to leave northern Iraq to Barzani. 

If possible,to scatter and exile the Turkmen population over there. 

As you see, the second Israel plan of the US is on. 


The beaten one wants more battles


The US has failed in Syria. Syrian army is taking the operation to the north. If Turkey cooperates with Syria, it is inevitable for the Kurdish organizations to unify with the Syrian regime. 

They could not open the so-called Kurdish Corridor up to the eastern Mediterranean. The second Israel plan of the US has failed. The beaten one always wants more battles to fight. Now, the same plan is on under the color of cleaning Mosul from the ISIS. 


Targeted countries will not stay passive


Iraq, Iran and Turkey are targeted with this plan. Their territorial integrity is threatened. 

From a wider point of view, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Azerbaijan and other countries in the region, Russia, India and China are also targeted. 

As you see, the rock in front of the US is still there, and stands even stronger. 

In other words, the countries targeted by the US will not stay passive this time. They have the confidence of succeeding in the recent battles. 


Crucial questions


The questions of the new adventure of the US can be inferred from this picture: 


1. Can Iraqi government surrender to such a plan?

2. Can Iran say yes to another Israel?

3. Can Syria accept a second Israeli corridor in the north? 

4. Do Russia and China not react to the US attempt of invasion? 

5. Do Turkish national forces support the US with separating our country? 


Iraq Resists 


The operation has been announced not by Pentagon, but CENTCOM. The US officials declared the operation date. Baghdad is told to be surprised at this announcement. 

We learnt from CNN that the US and Iraq have not reached an agreement yet. Iraqi army thinks that ISIS should be cleaned from Anbar and Selahattin first. Mosul should come later. Another point of disagreement is the US intervention to the tribes in Iraq. 


Turkish national forces do not surrender


The US media covers based on Pentagon that new relationships were created with Turkey. What they mean is the agreement of the AKP government and the train-equip program. 

The eyes are on the Turkish Armed Forces. General Staff sees where the US plan heads to and makes its plans according to that. The question is: Can we prevent the plan by attending to it or resisting against it? 

We warn the Turkish Armed Forces, in particular. Let’s not seek for solutions in the fire in the region. There is no other solution other than cooperating with the countries in the region to set out the fire. 

The Us has to respect the structure established by the western Asia countries. West Asia Unity is the only solution. 


The Patriotic Party prevents the plan with the countries in the region


Iraq and Syria are on fire. The fire in our neighbors surrounded our country. 

Separatist terror organizations are provoked by the US and the fire is still going on. Now, the very same US is trying to create its own terrorist state with the justification of ISIS. 

A national government established by the leadership of the Patriotic Party is the only solution. 

The first thing on our agenda with Syrian President Assad during our meeting is to save the region from terror and provide security. We will cooperate with the countries in the region for economy. We have to, in order to protect our energy and get rich. 

Peace at our neighbors means peace at Turkey.

The territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria means the territorial integrity of Turkey.

Removing terror in the region concerns the countries in the region. 

The key to a regional peace depends on the cooperation among Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Lebenon/Palestine and Egypt. We all it the West Asia Unity or Seven Countries, Seven Seas Project. 

The countries in the region solves the problems in the region. 

Peace can be provided by these countries. 

These countries can bring richness to the region. 

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