"We are planning to liberate the entire province," Baraa Halaq, a spokesman for Islamist rebel group Ahrar al-Sham, reportedly said. "And once we are finished with Idlib, we will turn to Hama and Latakia."
Baraa Halaq, Ahrar al-Sham
28 April 2015

"As Muslims, we’ve never taken part in terrorist massacres. Behind these lie racism, hate speech, and Islamophobia." 
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
12 January 2015

Like the Irish by the English, like the Blacks by the Whites, like the Jews by the world, so too one can liken the Alevites to the rest of Islam, that is, the Sunnis. The domineering and murderous righteousness of fanaticism and narrow-mindedness, be it religious, patriotic or economic, have written red the pages of history. It’s called persecution. It’s called defamation, disparagement, oppression, greed, aggression and crimes against humanity. And now, today, for the Alevites of Syria, it looks like it may be GENOCIDE. 

A look at the map tells the story. Ahrar al-Sham, another Turkish-backed version of  al Qaeda, has been on a rampage into Syria from its training camps in Hatay, Turkey. They are reinforced in this aggression by another Turkish government favorite terror group: al Nusra. The Turkish government has been arming and supplying this brutal terrorist gang since the Turks made their devil’s bargain with America in Adana in August 2012. And guess what? The CIA is in support and in the headlines. What a den of iniquity! 

All this under the watchful eyes of the Turkish people who Turkish politicians say reflect the democratic “national will.” All under the larcenous eyes of a borderland reeking with black marketers: oil, whiskey, antiquities, all further financing terrorism. Oh the wonderful power of an informed electorate. Oh the wonders of having a tribe of politicians who shamelessly bend and scrape trying for eternal power. 
Speaking of which, Ahrara al-Sham, the latest rapist attacking Syria, is another “moderate” monster. Yet another morally bankrupt gang assembled by the underworld of international gangster politicians. Yes, the word “Sham” resonates. Ahara al-Sham is called The Army of Fatah, a name dredged up from the dingy glory days of seventh-century religious slaughter. This latest imitation of a Mongol horde is on the march from the Turkish border town of Reyhanli, a staging area in Hatay. Historic Reyhanli! The town that the Turkish government was overheard targeting in a false-flag bombing. Something to pin on the oh-so-evil Assad. So off went the Army of Fatah to conquer Alevite worlds from brutalized Reyhanli. Clank-clank-clank went their brand new US Army anti-tank missiles. Swish-swish-swish went their brand new US Army trousers. Crinkle-crinkle-crinkle went the crisp new US dollars in the pockets of the Army of Fatah. 

And the Army of Fatah rolled up the last Syrian army unit in the region thus opening the Syrian coast to devastation. This is the region of the Alevites. The Army of Fatah, another CIA-trained terrorist gang, seems intent on wheeling towards the sea and the sea ports. They will liberate with a mighty blow to the heart of Alevite country. What about the Russian fleet based in nearby Tartus? And the Christians? Can the world bear this? Can Wolf Blitzer? 

The media and the politicians like to describe this area as “President Bashar al-Assad's stronghold,” as if it’s some last-chance Nazi Eagle’s Nest. A typical misrepresentation. Stronghold? The Alevites have been in this area for over 800 years! It’s a mountain range facing a coastal plain that runs down to the sea. Good harbors, too. Perfect for the long-range plan (Pssst! Please don’t tell anyone!) which is to give the so far mythical “Kurdistan” access to the sea for the oil fields they will get from the dismemberment of Iraq. See how clever George Bush was to attack Iraq? We were the stupid ones. And while the Army of Fatah is doing its dirty job so well why not give it the port in Iskenderun Bay, too? 

Just look at any map and you see the game right away. The Syrian Nusayriyah Mountains are an extension of the Lebanon Mountains. In fact, the Alevites have inhabited this area so long, since around 1200, that they used to be called “Nusayris,” people of the mountain. It shows how long these people have been connected with the earth, an earth that they may soon be under. How nice to have such a brutally deceitful northern neighbor. But really, how is the eviction and possible destruction of these Alevites, an indigenous people, not a massive human crime? Indeed it seems to be the very definition genocide? May be. 

A few things are self evident: 

The concentration of Alevites is the same in the Syrian Genocide Zone (the red ellipse) as in Hatay, Turkey. The people have the same sectarian roots. 

As the Turkish government aggressively sponsors terrorist mercenary gangs intent on destroying the legitimate Syrian government, so does it destroy its own once-thriving borderland, Hatay. 

There must be some mighty cause for a government to do that? But then this is a government that destroyed its own army. 

Maybe it wants to destroy Hatay, too? May be.

The fact that the border between Hatay and Syria has only existed since 1939 reinforces the commonality of the two divided Alevite populations as well as the sectarian, emotional and moral irrelevance of political boundaries. At least these political boundaries

All this further reinforces the lamentable obtuseness of a Turkish government that would deliberately target such close cultural neighbors. After all, it has before bombed its own people and ordered its police to shoot directly at young people, killing several, wounding hundreds. Maybe this establishes a certain kind of nasty instinct?  Not surprisingly, there are significant numbers of extended families that share the Turco-Syrian heritage. So, if the Syrian Alevites are dangerous to the people who sponsor The Army of Fatah then are not the Turkish Alevites equally dangerous? May be. 

There are large concentrations of Christians on the eastern slopes of the Nusayriyah Mountains (shown on the map in yellow). The mercenaries have shown no mercy to anyone. Will this teach the evil, sinful, genocide-shouting pope the lesson that the Turkish government demands? May be.

The American and Turkish governments continue the sleight-of-tongue game with the truth, as they have done since the early days of the weapons transfer from Libya to Turkey. President Obama has admitted that the idea of “moderate Islamic” fighters is nonsense. Bravo for the Nobel Peace Prize Winner. But…but…but...nothing changes. This pretty much puts America both inside and outside the camps of the beheading, crucifying and generally murderous terrorists. Arming them and fighting them at the same time is a pretty nice trick. And now with gunslinger Turkey “educating and training” more mercenary killers perhaps America and their accomplices may end of killing each other. Wouldn’t that be better than waiting for justice to prevail and hope to send them hand-in-hand down the path of the Nazis…to the gallows? May be.   

It is no secret who initiated this “moderately Islamic” opposition to the secular government of Syria. There is no longer mystery. These are the same gangsters, well-paid and lusting for blood, that shifted from moderate to monstrous. A crucifixion and beheading campaign to get headlines. These are the same “moderate” assassins that rampage to and fro in Syria raping and pillaging. These are the same “moderates” that drive bright, shining SUVs wearing neatly pressed uniforms that seem right off the shelf from Fort Benning, Georgia. Support the Troops! America. But they’re not YOUR troops, America. They just dress like them. These monsters are all proxies for your boys and girls just like Turkey is a proxy for God-Bless-America and your Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

Finally, we do what we can. It will never be enough to stop the bloody, imperialistic hand. All is beyond control. All is jabber. All hope is false promise except the truth of the grave. In the end, everything may be genocide. 

James (Cem) Ryan
1 May 2015

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