AKP Spokesman Arınç Makes a Giant Crack in the AKP

Bülent Arınç, Deputy PM and the Spokesman of the ruling AKP gave an harsh response to President Erdogan saying that he is not aware of the monitoring committee going to visit terrorist PKK leader in İmralı island. Arınç said that Erdogan is aware of everything and the responsibility is on government rather than the President.

Kurdish resolution process which is being maintained between the ruling AKP and terrorist PKK organization made a giant crack in the power circles. While President Erdogan was claiming that he is not aware of the monitoring committee which is planned to visit terrorist PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan in İmralı island, connoisseur Islamist politican and the spokesman of the AKP Bülent Arınç refuted him saying "President Erdogan is aware of everything."

"It is impossible for President Erdogan unaware of what we are doing today and the upcoming process. He knows everything very well. Our friends and ministers provided the neccessary information to him in the National Security Council (MGK) meetings," said Arınç in his statement to media organs.

"Erdogan launched the Kurdish resolution process"

Arınç also said "The resolution process was launched by Mr. President with a speech in Diyarbakır in 2005, gained a greater momentum in 2009. In 2012, it has taken a new shape when negotiations leaked to the media. Mr. President is the one who begin the process and took it to its current point."

President Erdogan adressed to Arınç's critics in a meeting in Denizli province. Erdogan said "We should stand just like the great nation in the history. That is what is expected from us. I share this emotions with my nation in every single opportunity and demand my nation's support. They are uncomfortable with this and they say that the President involves in politics. What does this mean? How can the President stay far away from the politics? They are looking for a wall-flower and I'm not."

'Misleading information'

Erdogan had said Friday that it was primarily a duty of the intelligence services to oversee the solution process, aimed at solving the decades-old conflict with the PKK.

He stated: "Let me say clearly I am not in favor of this issue."

Arinc added Monday: "Our president is expressing his opinions on certain issues.

"If his opinions have come to a point that could serve the purpose of those who strive to cause misconceptions and incomplete or misleading information, our duty is not to criticize him, but to inform him and speak about the missing parts of the issue."

He said he had spoken only to give further information on the monitoring committee issue as it was a duty upon him as the government spokesman to fill any missing points which may lead to misunderstandings.

Harsh reaction

Arinc added President Erdogan had not misunderstood his remarks.

"As the government, we pick on ourselves if we misinform the president on the solution process or other issues," he said.

Arinc also reacted harshly to a call for his resignation by the AK Party's Ankara Mayor, Melih Gokcek, who wrote on his Twitter account: "Arinc could no more serve as the government spokesman or represent the party" after the rumored "dispute" with Erdogan.

The deputy PM called the mayor's remarks an impudent insult personally directed at him as a retaliation as he had objected to Gokcek's candidacy during the March 2013 local elections.

Monday's Cabinet meeting was the first held to be held in Cankaya -- the presidential residence and office since the foundation of the Turkish Republic which has recently been transferred to the Prime Ministry after Erdogan's office moved to the new Presidential Palace in October.

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