quot;Hypocrite Brotherhood Destroyed in the Middle Eastquot;
 International media organs showed a great interest to the press meeting of Doğu Perinçek, the Chairman of the Patriotic Party regarding his visit to Syria.

Perinçek gave the following answers to the questions of the journalists regarding his visit to Syria:

Prominent figures took place in the Turkish delegation. What does this visit stand for in the current period of Turkey?

We are creating a national unity in Turkey. For this reason, we proposed Mr Abdüllatif Şener (Former Deputy Prime Minister) and Mrs Birgül Ayman Güler (Independent MP) to visit Damascus together. We reached the conclusion successfully with different perspectives and opinions.

How do you assess the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Arınç regarding the Patriotic Party delegation's visit to Syria?

His statement has no value. Bülent Arınç should explain about their bloody alliance with Saudi Arabia. They just announced their deal with the PKK on destroying the Republic on Saturday. If he really feels love for his homeland, he should oppose this treason project. 

What kind of opportunities were obtained regarding the region in your meeting with Bashar Assad?

There is an extremely favorable environment for peace, brotherhood and tolerance. The US backed regimes, I mean the hypocrite brotherhood (refers to Ikhwan) are being destroyed in the middle east. They are facing a great defeat in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria. The US invaded Iraq but the current government of Iraq struggling against the US. They could not defeat Iran. Let me give a significantly joyful news to the middle east and entire world: the hypocrite brotherhood will also be destroyed in Turkey soon.

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