Mutual Statement of AKP and HDP/ Is it about peace or general elections?
What do the mutual statement of the AKP and HDP, and ten articles in it mean? Will PKK drop guns? Will PKK not attack any more? Until when? Is it about winning the elections? Are these ten articles the beginning of a peaceful period or a new bloody clash? It is possible to ask more questions. Does the ten articles not look attractive and easy? 

İsmail Hakkı Pekin
The actual theme of the ten articles is to remove territorial integrity of our country and introduce a new constitution with this aim? The rest is about all show-off and marketing. Is it possible to bring those articles to life? I do not think so. It only creates an expectation in the public while polarizing it at the same time. The actual aim of AKP and PKK is to win time. The US does not want more clashes in Turkey. What is their purpose in winning more time? The AKP government’s is the upcoming general elections in 2015. It is the main aim for them, being selected again. It needs peace until then. It is read to compromise anything even on the paper with this aim. 
Why does PKK need more time? Or, peace? PKK believes that it has gained a great advantage with the recent developments in Turkey, so it does not want more fight right now. Moreover, peace will give more power to PKK to empower its control over the region. 
It is not peace, but a war contract
At this point, the US needs a relatively peaceful Turkey, as well as PKK and PYD needs peace with Turkey. Turkey needs PKK and PYD for its strategy in Iraq and Syria. They plan to reach their purposes together. No need to mention the close relationship between the US and Barzani. 
The government has turned Öcalan into a myth to take advantage of him. Both parties (Apologies for using this word for a government cannot be a party in such a plan) are racing each other to declare their peaceful strategies. The declared agreement is not a step towards peace, but a beginning of a new bloody clash. It is not for real, and impossible to implement. Turkey could have adopted a more realistic policy to save the country from a bloodshed. However, a temporary agreement has been chosen over realistic politics to bring peace to Turkey. 
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