Patriotic Party Gets Stronger
Retired commanders of the Turkish Armed Forces who were held captive for years with the plots of the imperialist powers and their local collaborators became candidates of the Patriotic Party for the upcoming general elections on June 7.

The Patriotic Party led by Chairman Doğu Perinçek launced its election campaign. The Party candidates began to approach voters under the motto "let's get united in the motherland." According to the results of the recent polls, there is a significant increase in the vote percentage of the Patriotic Party.
The commanders of the Patriotic Party who destroyed the plots agains them with a historical resistance in the prisons decribed their reasons for joining the Patriotic Party:

Ret. Lieutenant General Ayhan Taş: The Patriotic Party which has committed to complete Ataturk's revolutions became a headquarters for us to work in honor. This is the primary reason for me to join the Patriotic Party. I became a candidate of the Patriotic Party for Konya province by accepting the offer of Mr. Perinçek.

Ret. Air Pilot Gen. Beyazıt Karataş: I became a member of the Patriotic Party thinking that it is the sole unified power which can prevent country to be splitted and block imperialist projects.
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