Patriotic Party Youth Calls Turkish Citizens to Vote for the Sake of Country

President of the Patriotic Party Youth Wing Aykut Diş called young Turkish citizens who will vote for the first time to vote for the Patriotic Party.

Aykut Diş explained about the program of the Patriotic Party on the way to the upcoming general elections. Diş who called citizens of Turkey to join forces in the Patriotic Party said that they are targeting the power. President of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek also attended to the meeting held in Istanbul on March 28.

 “There will be many political parties in the elections arena but in our opinion the fight will go between the two programs. The first one is the program of the US imperialism including the seperation of Turkey in ethnic and secterian sense. The second program is the program of the Patriotic Party which is based on the production economy, union of the nation, the principles of the republic and enlightenment and peace with the neighbours,” Diş said in his speech in the Patriotic Party meeting on March 28.

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