Perinçek: We are Targeting 5 Million Votes
One of Turkey’s prominent journalists from the main-stream Hurriyet newspaper Ahmet Hakan conducted an interview with the Chairman of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek.

Perinçek said that they are targetting to pass the election threshold with receiving 5 million votes in the upcoming elections.

Highlights of Hakan’s interview with Perinçek are as follows

The name of your party was the Workers’ Party previously then you changed it to the Patriotic Party. Why did you change it?

Our party program is embraces all of the classes of the society. We have been thinking about the Patriotic Party project since a very long time. Citizens from different political perspectives and sections of the society are started to join our movement and this was one of the most important factors to change the name of the party.

Who joined to your party, can you please mention their names?

There are many prominent figures. The judge who judged [PKK leader] Abdullah Öcalan. Former Head of the Intelligence Department of the Turkish General Staff İsmail Hakkı Pekin. Former Parliament Spokesman Hasan Korkmazcan. Veteran politican Yaşar Okuyan from the nationalist movement. Former Governor of Istanbul Erol Çakır. All of them joined the Patriotic Party which unites the nation under the principles of Ataturk.

What is your target in terms of vote percentages?

We are targeting to pass the election threshold with receiving 5 million votes in the upcoming elections. Some election polls show that our vote percentage is increasing.

You went to Syria to visit Syrian President Bashar Assad recently. Finally, Assad is a figure who slaughtered his own people. How did you do this?

In our opinion, Assad is a leader in the front of oppressed people fighting against imperialism. He stood against the aggression of imperialism. He did not escape the country. He stayed with his people and Syrian people kept him on the power.

Didn’t he killed his own people?

All independence wars are civil wars at the same time. Let’s look at Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Didn’t he quashed rebellions in Akyazı, Düzce, Biga, Konya and Yozgat at the beginning of the independence war? The rebellions were organized with the British money. Bashar Assad is doing what Mustafa Kemal has done during 1920s. The world was also calling Mustafa Kemal as a ‘killer’ at that period.

You say Assad is an anti-imperialist but finally western powers begin to talk about ‘solutions with Assad’. What do you think about this?

The US and the western World were defeated. Why? Because they could not deal with Assad. Now they are kissing his hand.

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