PKK Not Disarming, But Storing Up in Towns
 As opposed to the claims of the ruling AKP on PKK disarming, it has turned out that the terrorist organization is continuously storing up in the southeastern towns of Turkey.

Authorities working with the intelligence forces have found out that the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK is now storing up in a number of mountains and towns in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Declaring that the organization has intensified its activities in towns recently, officials claimed that: “PKK is now getting prepared to fight with the security forces in towns soon, using civilians as shields for themselves. We know what they are doing. We know who is doing what and where.” 

Security ofiicials also claimed that they are now unable to make a move due to their plan and have to take permission of the governors first. However, such bureaucracy would only slow down their fight against terrorism in the region, as they stated. “We have intelligence. We can make a move the minute the government gives the order. We are ready for this, but only need their permission.” anonymous security officials stated. 

Although the ruling AKP government has been claiming recently that PKK will drop guns soon, the terrorist organization has turned out to be doing quite the opposite. 

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