Supreme Election Board Cancels Erdoğans Rally, for Patriotic Party Rally
The Patriotic (Vatan) Party applied to the Supreme Election Board (YSK) for the cancellation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s rally in Adana May 29 on the grounds that the party was also scheduled to hold a rally the same day.

Erdoğan’s application to hold a public rally in southern province of Adana on May 29 was rejected by the provincial unit of the YSK in the Seyhan district of Adana, on the grounds that the meeting area had already been reserved for a rally of the Vatan Party the same day.

Vatan Party deputy leader Hasan Korkmazcan told reporters that they were the first to apply for a rally in the district. “The area was allocated for our party’s rally. However, the Adana Governor office applied 15 days later for another rally in the same area,” said Korkmazcan.

The YSK’s Seyhan branch denied the Adana Governor’s application for a presidential rally by a majority vote, daily Radikal reported. 

“The president should be impartial according to our constitution. The president’s visit to Adana before the elections would cast a shadow on the polls. We will host him in the best possible way if he wishes to visit Adana after the polls,” Adana Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü told reporters May 20.
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