Turkey#039;s Youngest MP Candidate Attends Baath Party Congress
Elif İlhamoğlu, Turkey's youngest MP candidate from the Patriotic Party attended to the 9th. Congress of the youth wing of Syrian Baath Party, Revolutionary Youth Union - in Damascus.

İlhamoğlu conveyed Turkish youth's brotherhood message for Syrian youth in her speech in the congress. İlhamoğlu said "Imperialist front began to regress thanks to the determination, faith and unity of the resistance front. The US Greater Middle East and North Africa Project collapsed. The plans regarding to reshape the middle east are also collapsed. They could not get whatever they want in Iraq. They lost in Lebanon and also Venezuela. They were finally defeated in Syria. Iran has been dealing with all of them and gained a glorious victory. We know that they will also lose in Yemen. Their operations will be upside down."

İlhamoğlu emphasizing the unification of the young people of the world against imperialism said, "We as the young people of the world getting united! Because we know the dignity of brotherhood. We will set up today's dynamics as the youth of Ataturk, Nasser, Arafat and Hafez al-Assad. We will lead to the people's revolutions. We thank to Syria for uniting the youth of the world."

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