Turkish Airlines Chairman Resigns, Ruling Party Veteran to Replace him
The chairman of Turkish Airlines, Hamdi Topçu, announced his resignation on April 6 to reportedly run for parliament for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in elections on June 7.

Faik Kaptan

Topçu announced his resignation when the general board meeting of the company was held in the company’s headquarters in the afternoon of April 6. Topçu has been chairman of the national carrier since 2010.

Founding member of AKP’s Istanbul office

Topçu will be replaced by İlker Aycı as board chairman of Turkish Airlines, the company said in a written statement after the board meeting. He is a longstanding member of the ruling AKP and founding member of the ruling party’s Istanbul office. Aycı now chairs the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency in Ankara.

Aycı, born in 1971, graduated from the Political Science and Public Administration Department of the Bilkent University in Ankara and acquired a graduate degree at Marmara University in Istanbul.
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