#039;Until Obama Leaves Office There Will Be No Peace for Turkey#039; - Lawmaker
Outgoing US President Barack Obama is to blame for the turmoil in Turkey, a member of the Turkish parliament from the ruling AK Party said in the wake of Sunday's Istanbul nightclub attack. "Until Obama leaves the office there will be no peace for Turkey. All US missions and collaborators should be under close watch," Samil Tayyar wrote on his Twitter.

Earlier in the day, the owner of the attacked Istanbul club said that he had received a warning from the US intelligence of the planned terrorist attack a week ago.

The Reina nightclub in Istanbul's Besiktas district was attacked during New Year's eve celebrations by a man who was talking in Arabic. The attacker is said to have opened fire from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The manhunt is underway. At least 39 people were killed, including 16 foreigners, and 69 injured as a result of the attack, according to the Turkish Interior Ministry.

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