Women Inspiriting the Patriotic Party
A great amount of women have been listed to serve as a deputy by the Patriotic Party, unlike the most of the other Turkish parties. The Patriotic Party nominates 143 women in cities where it is the strongest. 

When Şule Nazlıoğlu, who is nominated by the party in Turkish capital Ankara, was asked why she chose the Patriotic Party to run with, she stated: “I am one of those who believe that the homeland is unseparable, defending the six arrows of Atatürk.” 

She went on to say: “Our initial duty is now to save our country from imperialists to gain independence again. There is no right or left wing any more. Those who consider themselves as nationalists must come to the Patriotic Party. For those who say admit they are against homeland, there are plenty of other choices.” 

Being the youngest candidates, Elif İlhamoğlu from Istanbul and Yaidgar Özen from Denizli had been resisting for years as members of the Turkish Youth Union before joining the party. Attorney Günizi Dizdar is one of the women candidates and she is known for her legendary pleas during the Balyoz trials. 

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