A Kurdish Autonomous Region is Prepared with Planned Population Movements”

Deputy Chairman of the Patriotic Party İsmail Hakkı Pekin has claimed that a Kurdish autonomy region is prepared in some parts of Turkey and Syria with a series of planned population movements. 

Pekin pointed out that the recent developments were rather worrying, saying: “Arabs living in Syria are forced to move to other places. We see that there are some other plans under the color of fighting against ISIS. A clean Kurdish region is prepared. The region is planned to be an autonomous Kurdish state.” 

Apart from the recent developments in Syria, Turkey is going through a period of changes, as well. According to the state intelligence reports, the southeastern region of Turkey is at the target of  such plans to create a Kurdish state, such as the provinces of Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep and Hatay. An anonymous official has told Aydınlık Newspaper: “This is a planned period. It used to be done silently. Arab population was higher in Mardin. Now, they are merely a minority. […] A change is happening now, particularly on the Syrian border. Another spot receiving massive immigrants is Dörtyol district. Kurdish population is increasing there. PKK is trying hard to stay in Amanos. These are all parts of the plan. PKK is on duty for the Kurdish Corridor plan [of the US].”

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Lasse Riise 1 yıl önce

It's very strange that some politicians in Turkey keep on insisting to cling on to the Kurdish problem, like some kind of morbid nostalgy. This is a very tragical behaviour, particullary in these days when Turkey has a golden opportunity to finally getting rid of the Kurdish problem. It's better to leave this headace to the Iraqis and Syrians, than to continue to import this political “disease” to Turkey. If it cannot find its solution in Iraq and Syria, this raging firestorm will flood into Turkey instead.