AKP Forms a Militia Force Composed of Mafia Members
According to the information, the AKP involved in a highly dangerous scheme against the rising opposition in the country. The ruling AKP took a step further to form a street force with mafia members against the demonstrations.

Now that the general elections approach closer, the AKP government is reportedly playing a dangerous game to keep the office. With the help of mafia, the government trains its supporters to fight against anti-government protestors. Having given extreme powers to the police forces with the internal security regulation, the AKP is now trying to prevent the protestations against the government, by provoking civilians, who beat up people, some to death, during the Gezi Park protestations in 2013.

AKP government will feed mafia with government tenders

An anonymous government official providing information to Aydınlık said the following regarding the AKP's "street militias" plan, "The AKP entered into a dangerous business. They work together with the mafia organizations doing the dirtiest things in the country. The AKP ignores their dirty business activities such as gambling and prostitution. The AKP government provided some tenders to mafia organizations and mafia organizations will give their members under the command of the AKP in return. The operation has just started in the metropols."
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