AKP Government Delays Operation Towards Gülenist Network

The ruling AKP government has turned out to freeze the operations against the Gülen Gang until after the general elections, which President Erdoğan reportedly considers as a countermovement of the government against himself.

According to the details that Aydınlık Newspaper has reached the AKP government under the leadership of PM Davutoğlu has decided to postpone the continuous operations against its arch enemy Gülen Gang until after the upcoming general elections. The police forces that have been launching the operations were informed about the situation. 

Some anonymous government sources has claimed that President Erdoğan considers this decision as a countermovement against himself and his office. Erdoğan reportedly says: “They [the government] are plotting against me. They are acting with the Gülen Gang.” 

In the meantime, the Gülen organization supports this disagreement underhandedly. Another anonymous government official has stated: “Mr. Erdoğan is aware of everything. He knows who talks to whom where. He knows that the Gülen Gang is trying to leak into the government through supporting some groups in the government. He warned the government and party about this. I heard that he had invited some to his office, to inform them about the danger. There are some in the government who sympathize with the Gülen Gang. I believe that necessary precautions will be taken soon.”

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