AKP, PKK Serve the Same Purpose Beyond a Fabricated Conflict
While the AKP Government is implementing the Kurdish initiative process under the leadership of the US, the same AKP also gives an impression like its combatting against the terrorist PKK.

The AKP made the biggest leap regarding the Kurdish initiative process after the elections in 2011. The ruling AKP aimed to form a legal basis for the Kurdish initiative through the new constitution process, however, it failed. After this process, Turkey's southeast was left to the authority of the terrorist PKK.

Turkish Armed Forces was demanding a permissions for military operations towards the PKK units but the AKP was not allowing the Army because of the Kurdish initiative process. The PKK was stealing a truck loads of chemical substance but the security forces were not following it. Tens of intelligence reports indicating that the PKK is storing up weapons in the big cities. The PKK even started to stop cars for ID controls but noone from the power circles raised an objection about this.

The most striking point is Erdogan's attitude on making harsh statements towards the PKK while his close circle is maintaining negotiations behind the scene. Turkey is facing a similar tactic on the verge of the June 7 elections. PKK leader Öcalan's 10-item draft is completely covers Erdogan's "New Turkey" model. The regional Development Agencies, public service in the mother tongue, changing the names of villages and stopping military operations against the PKK is the most obvious evidence of the deal between the PKK and the ruling AKP.
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