Iraqi involvement in the Egypt-Iran rapprochement
The first shipment of the recent oil agreement signed between Cairo and Baghdad at the end of 2016 was made in the past few days. According to the agreement, Egypt will receive 1 million barrels of oil through Basra per month


Egypt had been in bad odor with Saudi Arabia, one of its major oil suppliers after President Sisi sided with Bashar Assad's in Syria crisis. Moreover, Riyadh administration's claim on the islands on the Straits of Tiran, which actually belong to Egypt put the boot in.

After the House of Saud suspended the oil shipments to Egypt, the country (Egypt) looked for new alternatives and during the last months of 2016, they signed various agreements with Iraq, particularly on oil issue.

Foreign Minister of Iraq Ibrahim al Jaafari said in a recent interview that "Egypt is the Arabs' greatest," referring to the country's people, history and also announced a series of strategic cooperation steps with Cairo in fields of security, energy and particularly economy.

Habib al Sadr, the former director general of the biggest television company of Iraq, Al Iraqiya in a statement to the Egyptian press identified Egypt as “the backbone of the Arab world” and emphasized that the cooperation against terrorism between the two countries would go on as well.

Right after this statement Egypt shared an information that they are fully supporting the fight against ISIS in Mosul, despite no official information about the troops deployment to the zone is released on behalf of the government.

Finally, the largest Shia bloc of Iraq and some Iraqi MPs laid some critical emphasizes on the joint struggle of the countries in the region.

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