Panic in PKK: Erdoğan is in Need of a New Ally
 Zübeyr Aydar, council member of Group of Communities in Kurdistan, has claimed that Turkish Armed Forces do not support Erdoğan’s politics and he is in need of an ally. 

Aydar was interviewed by the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet in Bruxelles, about the recent developments in the Kurdish Resolution process. 

He stated that Turkish army has not changed its path despite President Erdoğan’s expectations. He claimed that the process is not in a good shape. “Maybe, he is afraid of the Gülenist Movement or other opposition parties. He might be targeting nationalist votes with his recent statements. I see that he is trying to ally with the army.” 

In the Kurdish Community Congress in Bern, Swtizerland, Aydar stated: “It is so meaningless to ask a community to disarm while they are trying to protect their people.”

He went on to say: “Here is the reality in Kurdistan and Middle East. Not a single nation can survive without its own protection. What has happened in Rojava has showed us how important self-protection is.”

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