Perinçek says the PKK is Handing out Weapons in the Region
The Chairman of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek emphasizing that Turkey faces a serious trouble said "According to the information we receive from our citizens in the reigion, PKK is delivering arms to its supporters."

"Our Kurdish citizens are warning us and we as the Patriotic Party warn all of our citizens regarding this dangerous game," Chairman Perinçek said in a press meeting in Turkish capital Ankara.

Perinçek who stated that the weapons of the PKK are the US weapons said "The power which hands out the weapons is the USA and PKK is the pawn of the US. So its obvious that the PKK has received a role in USA's totalitarian Turkey scenario. We should consider the upcoming elections on the same perspective. You see how [pro-Kurdish] HDP is being polished by the dominant powers and how the oppressive forces are carrying the HDP into the Turkish parliament.

Perinçek who stated that the PKK's activities related to handing out weapons to its supporters is being hidden from the public said "The PKK which is handing out weapons is being carried to the parliament. The only result that could be taken under these circumstances would be a civil war, instability and coup d'etat. But we trust the Turkish Armed Forces. They will never give into the US scenarios. We know this very well."

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