Turkish Military Officials Deny Links to Illegal Gülenist Network
Aydınlık reached to the details of the prosecution testimonies of the military officials detained for searching the trucks of the Turkish national intelligence organization (MİT) which were allegedly carrying weapons to terrorist groups in Syria on January 2014.

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34 active-duty soldiers who were detained in scope of the case file regarding searching the MİT trucks in Adana and Hatay provinces of Turkey in January 2014 interrogated by the prosecutor.

A lieutenant colonel E.T who was asked if he knows 'Fethullah Gülen' the leader of the worlwide Gülenist crime network is appeared to show a strong response and said "you can not mention my name with these guys. I conducted intelligence studies against Gülenist network in the army for years."

Prosecutor asked alleged Aydınlık sources inside Turkish intelligence

According to the information, prosecutor asked several questions to the military officials based on an article of Gülenist journalist Emre Uslu, published in Taraf Newspaper on 22 January 2014. Prosecutor took Uslu's article serious and asked if the operation was conducted by the alleged Aydınlık circles inside the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT).
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