US Delta Force Caught Red-Handed in Syria

Concrete evidence of the US Special Forces' support to Syrian Kurdish seperatist group PYD was appeared with a photo taken in Syrian city Ayn-al-Arab. In the photo, a US soldier is carrying a special navigation system that helps US jets to designate their targets for point shootings.

Ceyhun Bozkurt

The evidence of US' 'active duty' support for the PYD, pro-Kurdish seperatist organization operating in Syria was emerged. A photo taken in northern Syria is showing a US soldier controlling a Bushnell laser rangefinder device. It was reported that the related device used by a US soldier named Peter, helps to mark targets for the US jets.

BBC published interviews with the US soldiers fighting together with Kurdish militias in northern Syrian city Ayn-al-Arab in March 15. One of the interviews was made with a former US marine troop who introduced himself as Peter. It was clearly seen in the photos that Peter was carrying a Bushnell branded laser rangefinder device.

The PYD spokesman Polat Can had said in his interview to Turkish Radikal newspaper in 14 October 2014 that a special unit in Kobani [Ayn-al-Arab] provides Kurdish fighters' the coordinates of the targets, then the related coordinates were provided to coalition forces by the PYD and air strikes were organized accordingly.

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