US Puts Pressure on Turkey to Keep Armed Predators in İncirlik

In the shadow of the Mosul operation of the US, Turkish Armed Forces are reportedly forced to keep armed unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) in the US İncirlik base in Adana. 

While the US is preparing to seperate Iraq with Mosul operation under the guise of combatting against the ISIL, negotations with Turkish Army on the use of İncirlik Base continues. Turkish Army does not want İncirlik Base to be made the center of the operations.

According to the informatin of Aydınlık based on the military sources, the US brought a search and rescue plane to the US İncirlik base in Adana. However, Turkish Army refused the demand of the US aiming to use İncirlik for armed unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the information, Turkish Army wants the base to be used just for the unarmed UAVs.

The US’ asking Turkey to keep predators in the İncirlik military base has caused a crisis. Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry accepted the request, however Turkish Armed Forces are reportedly not open to such an implementation. Final decision will be given by the AKP government officials in the end.

An army official speaking to Aydınlık said "The US came with new demands regarding İncirlik. They wanted İncirlik to be made a center of operations. They also demanded to use İncirlik for armed UAVs. Turkish Army opposed their demand and reported that this can pose a risk for Turkey. The US's demand was rejected with Turkish Army's certain stance."

The US is receiving severe criticisms for increasing pressure on Turkey as the Mosul Operation approaches, which is causing tension of some sort between the Turkish army and Washington.

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