Western Projects for Turkey#039;s Post-Elections Process

The Chatham House, a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in London is revealed to be working on insidious projects regarding Turkey. It was reported that the western support to the Turkey's pro-Kurdish political party HDP was provided in this context.

Aydınlık / London

Western based think-tanks are preparing for Turkey's post-elections process. The UK think-tanks became more active in the projects regarding Turkey's socio-political dynamics which were previously being carried out mainly by the US think-tanks. The Chatham House appears as a major institution working on Turkey-related issues nowadays. Many prominent US experts also take part in the Chatham House's projects concentrated on Turkey. Aydınlık reached to the Turkey-related plans and studies of the Chatham House.

The Chatham House makes an analogy between Turkey's current situation and the last period of the Ottoman Empire in its last study and presents this situation as an unmissable opportunity for the western world. The organization emphasizes on the ruling AKP's negotiation process with the terrorist PKK while describing the political deadlock of Turkey.

The primary topic of the Chatham House's agenda is the establishment of the independent Kurdish state (2nd Israel) in the region after the Republicans takes the power in the US in November 2016. According to the report, the US will began to follow a more aggressive foreign policy and western powers will make effort to establish a proper ground for a second Sevres process involving Turkey and the Middle East.

The western think-tanks attaches a significant importance to the role of the Kurdish separatist terrorist organization PKK. For them, establishment of a Kurdish autonomous zone in the region is an inevitable result. According to the Chatham House' analysis, The PKK/HDP is on the verge of determining their own national borders. If Turkey rejects the western proposals, it can face similar sanctions that are currently applied to Russia and Iran.

According to the Chatham House report, the AKP administration which totally submerged in corruption cases are only thinking about their future and ready to accept all kinds of western proposals to save their positions.

According to the report, Turkish Army and Kemalist forces are waiting in ambush and monitoring the developments. They can intervene the situation at any moment. If the Army takes a more aggressive stance against the PKK, they can gain the support of the people. For this reason the Chatham House highly cares about liquidation of the Kemalist forces inside the Turkish Armed Forces.

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Many Turks seems to be unaware of just how far the process already has come. In reality, the western powers has silently almost completed their plans in both Iraq and Syria. Only some minor “mop up” operations remains. The only thing left for Turks to do is to focus all their efforts of keeping Kurdish PKK insurgents out of Anatolia itself.