Club Brugge Topples Besiktas 2-1 in Belgium
Club Brugge's target man Tom De Sutter's goal in the 13th minute was disallowed by the referee when he penalized Besiktas defender Ersan Gulum.

In the early minutes of the second half, Besiktas winger Gokhan Tore scored the first goal for Besiktas, 1-0. Home team Club Brugge equalized the level when De Sutter flicked the ball into the net in the 62nd minute, 1-1.

Club Brugge came back when Israeli winger Lior Refaelov scored from the penalty kick in the 79th minute, 2-1.

Belgians now have the advantage in the second leg of the tournament that kicks off on March 19 in Istanbul.


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Club Brugge 2-1 Besiktas

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