Turkish League Suspended After Attack on Fenerbahçe FC Bus
The Turkish Football Federation has decided to suspend the first-tier Spor Toto Super League games for one week, following a gun attack on the team’s bus on April 4, which left the bus driver wounded on the face.

The April 6 decision came after the federation officials’ meeting with the Sports Minister Çağatay Kılıç.

Simultaneously, the 19-time Turkish league champion Fenerbahçe does not want to go onto the pitch until the attack is enlightened, the club said in an April 6 statement, as the prosecutors launch probe into the insult.

“Fenerbahcçe sports club has fulfilled all its responsibilities in this incident and expects that the probe will be finalized with a similar care. We do not tend to play football until this incident is enlightened” said Fenerbahçe official Deniz Tolga Aytöre during a joint press meeting in Istanbul.

This is an assassination against Fenerbahçe, he said, adding that the club does not consider the incident as an extension of a recent row with Trabzonspor due to a much-discussed league title in 2011, but an act of terror.

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