Turkey wakes up to a different agenda every day. A new agenda topic is discussed every day and people are kept busy. It is partially on purpose. The aim is to distort the real agenda and hide things from people. Or, to prepare the nation for the things that might be revealed later on. Some derive from the clumsiness of the AKP government, and the opposition not knowing what to do. However, there are two main problems that the government should solve, which are economic crisis and security. Our security problem is about to devour us like a swamp.

Our biggest security problem is the Kurdish Initiative, which will separate and bring the country to a bloodshed. The initiative is being served to PKK on a golden plate. Our country is about to be separated. The civil wars in Syria and Iraq which separated the countries is now being done to Turkey with the resolution process under the color of democratization.

The government might think that everything is under control and some compromises are needed in the meantime. However, what has happened so far proves that Turkey is being destroyed from inside.

PKK terrorism and internal security implementations of the government are only the side that is shown to public. On the other hand, the country is being burned, PKK is planning to separate Turkey and getting prepared for the probable obstacles that might occur.

Turkey is going through a delicate and critical period. The mistakes that were made to solve the so-called problems have let Turkey with two options. One of them is the resolution process to separate the country.It is not possible how and when it will end. The other is clashes, which can be caused either by the government or PKK for the compromises provided by the AKP government.

The government should see it before it is too late, and give up the resolution process to start a national project. Or, Turkish people will implement national projects in the June elections in 2015, to save the country from bloodshed and clashes. In order to forget the pain of a scar, you should either open new scars, or lick it to heal. In the meantime, let us not forget that it is a tradition of ours to add salt to the wound.
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