The MP candidateship of Prof. Keskin was being discussed in the Left Party Congress. He saw that Armenian community handed notices in the hall and he took one to read. Left Party President told him that they would receive dozens of letters asking “How could you assign such a man as an MP?” Then, Keskin walked up to the stage and repeated his promises. Prof. Keskin: “German Parliament was about to introduce a resolution about the Armenian Genocide. We started a petition about this as the Turkish community in Germany (Türkische Gemeinde). We collected about 130.000 signatures. We told the press, wrote letters to politicians, saying that the resolution would upset Turkish people so much if it is introduced, asking for a just decision and claiming that the incident was not a genocide. Consequently, the word genocide was not used in the resolution. A commission of historians was recommended, as well. We received the results of this hard work we have done as the Turkish community. Most of our propositions were accepted.”

It can also be seen in your example that Armenian diaspora follows Turkish people living abroad who can be opinion leader. Turkishness is being insulted with a very aggressive tone and being accuse for racism.

Prof. Keskin: “Armenian diaspora has become a massive industry which employs thousands of people for a lot of money. They adopt strange strategies. First, when you are an MP candidate, they ask you whether or not you recognize the genocide? All MP candidates in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium ago through this interrogation and unfortunately, most say out of fear that they accept it. Amenian Diaspora does such things all the time.”

Armenian lobby works professionally. Their only job is to make Turks surrender. 

Prof. Keskin: “They try to tell the world with a really sneaky way that it was like the Holocaust. Fortunately, Jews deny this, arguing that they cannot be comparable. We have organized a conference in Germany on 7-15 Dec, 2014. We invited Prof. Musa Kasımlı who works on archives from Azerbaijan We used the hall of the union (TGMetal). Armenian community sent a letter, asking “How could you give you hall to genociders?” German Left Party suggested me continually 6-7 years ago to have meetings about this. WE saw after some time that Armenians did not accept the joint conferences. This has been another strategy of theirs. They do not attend conferences, because; I believe, they could see other perspectives if they did. They think: Do not argue with the Turk, only sit on the table if they accept the genocide. What would I speak with you if you impose something like this to me?”

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