Once people asked Giorgos Lillikas, the Foreign Minister of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus [from 2006 to 2007], "Why did not we accept the Annan Plan?" The answer was noteworthy: "If the Annan Plan was accepted, it would cause an outbreak of war." This is exactly what is hidden from the Turkish nation. Greeks know very well that the Annan and similar plans will result in an internal conflict. Therefore, they take a dim view of an agreement to be made without removing the effective and de facto guarantee of Turkey. Because, they are highly worried that a second Turkish military intervention in the Island would cause irreversible consequences.

Not peace but war negotiations

The Languages, alphabet, religion, culture and traditions are different in the two other sides of the island. They've been living seperated from each other for 42 yearsThe Greek Cypriots' ethnic cleansing plans were experienced in the not too distant past. In the end, Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots fought together against the Greek side. Turkey has used its right of military intervention arising from the international treaties. Today, there is peace and tranquility in the island.

Global gangs are destroying the states as it happened in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and others. Ethnic, religious and sectarian divisions are being fueled. There are civil wars, blood, tears and human tragedy on every part of the world The biggest problem in the world is the refugees. The imperialist system which aims to split the whole world imposes the unification in Cyprus! Isn't it weird? Why does the peace bother you? What is your problem?

One of the inevitable results of the negotiations conducted by the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Mustafa Akıncı and his inadequate negotiation team will unfortunetely be a bloody internal conflict. If you wake up and look around, you will immediately comprehend this plain truth. If these two communities which are in fact utterly different from each other are forced to live together, those who are responsible for the imposition of this plan will receive a heavy bill.. The negotiating parties have accepted such things that resemble striking a match in an ammunition depot.

Astonishing numbers and figures from the negotiations

Our smart (!) delegation accepted a fixed rate of ¼ in terms of the ratio of Turkish population to the total population in the Island. By this way, the population of the Turkish Cypriots in the Island is fixed at 220 thousand. On the other hand, the population of the Greek Cypriots will be 800 thousand [on the basis of the ratio of ¾]. Also, the Greeks will pour into the cities such as Karpaz in the northern part of the Island. Moreover, the Greeks will also be settled in the different cities of the Turkish side.

According to the reports, 80 thousand people will be settled over the territories to be left to the Greek Cypriots in the northern side of the Island. 60 thousand people will directly be settled in the Turkish territory. It's not over yet. At the same time, our expert (!) delegation accepts the '4 conditions of freedom'. What does this mean? This means the freedom of movement, freedom of settlement, freedom of ownership and freedom of business establishment. So do you think even those scandalous numbers worth to be considered under this circumstances? Do you still think there are two parties of this agreement?

Both Greeks will pour into the Turkish side of the island and the Turkish side will become fragmented. The Greeks are literally smashing Turks in terms of both gaining territory and exerting their population power based on the numerical superiority.

The United Nations (UN) Special Representative for Cyprus Espen Barth Eide looked at the situation above and said, "In a short time, the number of Greeks in the Turkish territory will be more than the Turks." The Turkish side then raised a hell of a row upon Eide's words. He apologized due to the reaction of the Turkish side. Those who speak the truth are not always wellcomed...

Flagstones of the war

Imagine that you have been staying in a house for 42 years. You've invested a lot in that house and raised your children over there. One day someone comes and says, "Empty this house!" Wouldn't you be shocked?

While our experts (!) are accepting the property deeds of the Greeks without any condition, the documents belong to the Turkish community are being considered as photocopy papers by the Greek authorities. While the negotiating parties should solve this problem in a collective way and with a social consensus, they likely to suggest everyone to save themselves. This will absolutely cause a sharp confrontation. Some people will show their property deems and the other will come up with the 'right of property'. Finally, the Immovable Property Compensation Commission will find itself in a real trouble. A decade-long conflict will begin. Here, we have a strong basis of a remorseless civil war!

Our friends [the Turkish side] also accepted something such as the 'emotional bonds'as the other provisions were not enough for them. I seem to hear someone saying, "I enrolled my first darling's name to the plane tree in my old garden with a knife; I can't give up on it!"

Moreover, even the property deeds of those who were 10 years old 42 years ago will be valid. But the Greeks do not even accept it; they want the citizens who were 6 years old at that time to be included in the context of the relevant provision.

Cyprus is not only an indispensable value for our compatriots in the island but also for 80 million Turks living in Anatolia. The great Turkish nation and all of the political parties should follow up this issue closely and set a national course. This issue is serious enough not to be left to the controversial team of Mustafa Akıncı and it definetely has a matter of urgency.

Otherwise, the Island will suffer the same fate with the Crete Island in the Mediterranean within a maximum 3 years period.

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