The US Officials to Expect Israeli Black Ops in the USA

The US Sources speaking to Aydınlık indicated possible Israeli military and intelligence black Ops in the US to subvert the ongoing negotiation process between Iran and UN Security Council.

Nahed Al Husaini

An unnamed US official told Aydınlık that the newly approved pact will accompany US-Iranian efforts which will determine the region’s geopolitical equations, while Washington’s traditional allies will remain in another part of the scenery.

“Israel will now start fighting more ferociously to retain its status. For this reason, Israel will work hard on the way to interrupt the related accord by 30th of June,” the US source speaking to Aydınlık said, adding, “Israel may apply extra-ordinary military black ops in the region to impose its policies, or it could go further by conducting military and intelligence operations inside the US via power elites.”    

A senior Syrian Foreign Ministry official described the nuclear energy agreement between Iran and the US as a ‘ground-breaking’ step, adding that western countries should respect the rights of developing countries to maintain scientific and technological progress.

Syrian official’s statement came after marathon talks between Iran and P5+1 group in the Swiss city of Lausanne, where the sides reached a preliminary memo of understanding that would pave the way for a final pact by June 30.  

Syrian Foreign Ministry official said “Syria has been closely following the talks between the Iranian government and the P5+1 Group and always hopes for an agreement which preserves Iran’s right to use nuclear energy in a peaceful way.”

“Syria highly appreciates the efforts of Iranian government on the way to protect the interests of their country regarding the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.” Senior Syrian official also said, "Syria emphasizes on the point that Western countries should show their commitment on lifting sanctions against Iran."

Syrian Government official emphasized that Syria considers the agreement and its phases as ‘another contribution’ of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding to consolidate the values of international peace and security and ease tension in the region and across the world.

Meantime, the reaction of the Syrian people regarding the agreement was supportive. While some people were considering it as a landslide victory of the Islamic Republic, especially the youth considered it as a “savior” from the Pandora box’ evils engulfing the Middle East.   

The Lausanne agreement came amid unprecedented military escalation between the Syrian army and the terrorist groups that entrenched their military positions in the city of Edlib and the Yarmouk Camp, in an attempt to make some tactical gains in the direction of the key players’ planning to set up buffer zones in Northern and Southern Syria.              

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