US Senator Promises Kurds the #039;Greater Kurdistan#039;

The US political figures are competing for the dissolution of Turkey. The Kentucky Republican Rand Paul promised turning the Kurdistan region into a country by taking land from Turkey and Syria.

Republican MP Rand Paul, who is inching closer to a bid for president, said in his interview with Breitbart newsite on Tuesday that the US should not only directly arm Kurdish fighters, but also promise the Kurds 'a country.' Paul also said, "I think they would fight like hell if we promised them a country," claiming that a Kurdish country would also end the longstanding feud between the Kurds and Turkey.

According to the CNN, Paul has joined the chorus of Republicans calling for the US to directly arm the Kurds without passing through the Iraqi government, but he has now taken a step further by calling for Kurdish independence. It's a move that would certainly upset Iraq's government in Baghdad, which is struggling to hold together a fractious and complex coalition of Sunnis, Shias and Kurds to keep the country in one piece.

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Lasse Riise 1 yıl önce

PKK afiliated Kurds fantasising about carving out a piece of Anatolia for themselves is nothing but a empty pipe dream. It will never happen.